DeAndre Jordan gushes over ‘freak of nature’ LeBron James

LeBron James

There’s been plenty of discussion over the course of the past decade about whether LeBron James is as great as Michael Jordan. That argument isn’t going to go away any time soon, but one of James’ peers, DeAndre Jordan, believes we need to simply soak the greatness that is King James.

“He’s definitely a freak of nature and one of the greatest basketball players we’ve all ever been able to see on TV or live,” Jordan said during an interview with Tomer Azarly of Clutch Points. “We should definitely be taking this in, what we’re seeing.”

At the age of 33, James is playing out his 15th campaign in the NBA right now. Yet, rather than declining in any way, James has raised the level of his play to an otherworldly level.

“He’s amazing, man. Just to be in your 15th year and still getting better… ,” Jordan said. “I feel like in any sport, either you’ve reached your pinnacle, skill-wise and athletically, already. But I feel like we’ve seen that from him, and then we’ve seen even more.”

Not only is he getting better — an astonishing feat at this point in his career — but he’s also putting together one of the best playoff runs we’ve seen in a long time.

Consider this: James has already scored 42 points or more six times in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. He’s averaging 33.7 points through 15 games in the postseason this year, and the Cavaliers only got through Round 1 because James wouldn’t let them lose.

The Cavaliers are going to need even more heroics from James if they hope to reach the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row. They’re locked into a 2-2 tie with the Boston Celtics, who will host two of the final three games in the Eastern Conference Finals, should the series go that long.

And if James does push his Cavs past Boston, then his legacy will only continue to swell. He’s the greatest player of his generation, by far. Fans would be smart to follow Jordan’s advice, soaking in his greatness before it’s too late and he calls it quits.

Speaking of Jordan, one wonders how much easier LeBron James’ road might be if he had gotten his wish to play with the Los Angeles Clippers big man this year. But that’s none of my business.