DeAndre Jordan expects boos from Dallas crowd, but ‘it’s cool’

By David Kenyon

DeAndre Jordan flipping from the Dallas Mavericks to the Los Angeles Clippers quickly became the biggest story of the 2015 NBA offseason, and he’s ready for the backlash when the teams meet Wednesday in Texas.

According to ESPN, Jordan downplayed the situation yet appeared to acknowledge his actions created the boos coming from Mavericks fans.

“Nah, I don’t care. It’s cool. It’s just another game. It’s going to be hostile, but it’s supposed to be. It’s cool.”

While Jordan took the high road, it’s not like we anticipated the center would opt for a different route. During the final hours of free agency when officially signing contracts was not permitted, he backed out of a verbal commitment to join the Mavs and returned to the Clips.

Jordan isn’t concerned, but Mavericks fans are warming up the pipes.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban was and surely still is understandably frustrated, but he brought up an excellent point. According to the report, Cuban is encouraging fans to heckle Jordan with class because the NBA is ultimately all about entertainment anyway. It’s not that serious.

“I think they’re going to have fun with it. You know, that’s what they should do. You come to games to have fun. Look, this is not thermonuclear war. This is a basketball game, and for fans, it’s supposed to be fun.”

The Mavericks-supporting boo-birds will come out to sing an anti-Jordan song Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.