Dean Cain on Adrian Peterson: “Certainly Doesn’t Need a Switch to Smack His Kid Around”

Adrian Peterson

Actor Dean Cain is apparently a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and thinks that Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson would be a marvelous addition to the team.

So when he was approached TMZ Sports reporters and asked about the Cowboys, Cain gushed that head coach Jason Garrett is the best head coach in the game. Cain also said that the team should sign Peterson before claiming it would be game over for any of their competition.

Cain went on to indicate that Peterson has learned his lesson after a league-mandated suspension stemming from his child abuse case.

If you did choose to listen, did we really hear Cain indicate that Peterson is strong enough that he doesn’t need a switch to smack kid around?

I know a lot of kids I played football with got the belt. Got the switch. It’s not uncommon, especially down south,” Cain said. “So I know a lot of people who have dealt with that. I know Adrian Peterson, I have met him. I have spoken with him. I think he absolutely learned his lesson, he wasn’t trying to hurt his boy. He’s a big strong man. Certainly doesn’t need a switch to smack his kid around.”

This is quite the controversial statement from the former Lois & Clark star and current B-movie actor. They’re also somewhat disturbing.

As for Cain’s wish to see Peterson play with the Cowboys, that ship has likely sailed.

Photo: USA Today