Darrelle Revis says fight with Brandon Marshall ‘good for us’

Darrelle Revis
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall got into some fisticuffs during New York Jets training camp on Friday, but the cornerback thinks it was a good thing.

Marshall swung at Revis on the sideline after an hour of heated competition on the field, but it was later revealed by the receiver that Revis threw the first punch (more on that here).

Speaking with reporters about the spat, Revis brushed it off as “just football” and talked about how the fight was actually a good thing.

“You might hit somebody in the head, you might get poked in the eye, you might get your foot stepped on,” he said, per Rich Cimini of ESPN.com. “It’s all football. It’s all involved. It’s a very physical sport.

“We’re two very competitive guys, and this hasn’t been the first time of us getting into it. We’re both physical players, and we like to compete, and I think this is good. This is good for us to compete the way we did. Brandon’s not going to stop competing the way he competes, and I’m not going to stop competing the way I compete.”

Head coach Todd Bowles echoed these sentiments on Saturday, noting he liked the competitiveness the two veterans put on display for the team.

Revis says he and Marshall “are fine” and “moving on,” noting he might get into another row with another receiver tomorrow.

Competitive jawing and the occasional spat are all well and good. That said, hitting teammates isn’t a great idea. After all, both of these players rely on their hands for their livelihood, and helmets are harder than bones.

The Jets do need to play with an edge this season, though. And if the team can carry the intensity put forth by two of its leaders throughout the season, then Gang Green might just have a shot to overtake the New England Patriots in the AFC East.

Iron sharpens iron, the old saying goes, and the Jets need to be sharp to accomplish this goal.