Darrelle Revis Considered Retirement Back in 2012

Future Hall of Fame cornerback Darrelle Revis may be coming off a Super Bowl championship as a member of the New England Patriots. It’s also quite possible that he signed a lucrative five-year, $70 million contract with the New York Jets back in March.

Though, if you ask Revis now, this scenario came close to not playing out at all. In recent comments he made to Sports Illustrated, the 30-year-old corner tells us a story of how he almost retired following the severe knee injury he suffered three years ago (h/t ESPN.com):

“I did think about retiring. I had never been seriously injured before, and I didn’t know how to handle it.”

A veteran contemplating retirement while dealing with the first major injury of his career is not new. What is new here is that Revis revealed he underwent microfracture surgery to repair a torn ACL back in 2012. Previous reports indicated that it was a minor reconstructive surgery that was conducted on Revis’ knee.

The individual seemingly responsible for Revis deciding to return to the gridiron was none other than former NFL defensive lineman Sean Gilbert, who had this to say in the SI story:

“Most every player is thinking about retirement while he’s playing because (football is) a bona fide grind. I told him, ‘You can think that. But you’ve got to get over it.”

Now fully prepared to continue his Canton-worthy career, it’s interesting to look at how history would have played out if Revis did decide to hang up his cleats at 27. Would the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be in a better situation than they are now? After all, they did yield a first and fourth-round pick to acquire Revis for a single season. Heck, the Patriots relied a great deal on Revis en route to hoisting the Lombardi this past February. Would that┬áhave happened without the veteran putting up an All-Pro season?

Ifs and buts are all part of the game. However, the dynamic here is really interesting. Might one say Sean Gilbert deserves a Patriots Super Bowl ring for talking Revis out of retirement?

Photo: USA Today Sports