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Green Bay Packers’ Darnell Savage Jr. takes tipped Kirk Cousins INT for 75-yard pick-six

Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings walked into Week 17 with the unreasonable task of taking out Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, records be damned.

No one expected this one to be easy, but it sure does get increasingly difficult when a tipped interception turns into a chaotic 75-yard sprint to touchdown glory by Packers’ defensive back Darnell Savage.

As if the momentum-turning play could not have been more deflating for the Vikings, watching quarterback Kirk Cousins take a plunge into the end zone while Savage soaked in all the joys of hitting paydirt made for quite the scene in Green Bay.

Keep in mind, this is a Packers team that now controls its own destiny to a playoff berth, thanks in part to Commanders head coach Ron Rivera not having any semblance of a clue as to the magnitude of today’s win or loss outcome against the Cleveland Browns.

As one might have expected, Green Bay has taken full advantage of playing at home, along with the comfortable expectation of a crucial, classic Cousins mistake.

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Darnell Savage Jr. takes tipped INT for 75-yard pick-six scamper

While this is not an unfamiliar version of Cousins, it remains awe-inspiring that this is the same Minnesota Vikings team that pulled off a win in Buffalo against the Bills, who house one of the most imposing home-field advantages in the entire NFL.

Time will tell here, but this one is already leaning toward the scorching, albeit accurate takes, that the Vikings just can’t find a way to win when it truly matters the most.