Report: At least one team wanted Daniel Jones to try out as tight end

Sarah Stier-USA TODAY Sports

If we needed any more reasons to believe that the New York Giants reached big time for quarterback Daniel Jones, we now have one.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, at least one team wanted Jones to work out as a tight end at the combine because they didn’t think he was good enough to start at quarterback in the NFL.


Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has defended the pick, saying he knew for certain there were at least two teams that would have taken Jones before New York picked a second time in the first round (No. 17 overall). Yet that statement has since been debunked thoroughly by numerous NFL insiders.

Of course, it also doesn’t help that Gettleman has said publicly he isn’t adverse to the idea Eli Manning plays at least two more seasons, if not three, and that Jones could ride the pine for that period of time.

Maybe one day Jones and Gettleman will be the ones laughing at all us doubters. But for now, it’s not looking likely.