Giants owner hopes Daniel Jones ‘never sees the field’ in 2019

Jesse Reed
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants owner John Mara made some pretty interesting comments Tuesday about Eli Manning and rookie Daniel Jones.

Speaking about what he wants to see from his team in 2019, Mara said, “I hope Eli has a great year and Daniel never sees the field. I mean, that would be an ideal world — you’d like to see that.”

Mara also said that ultimately it’s up to the coaches. However, he also said he would be “very happy” if Jones never played a single snap during his rookie campaign.

There’s been plenty of chatter about Jones potentially wresting the starting job away from Manning — especially after his flawless debut in preseason Week 1.

However, the Giants seem to feel much more comfortable with the idea of Manning under center and have been ever since selecting Jones No. 6 overall this past April.