Johnny Manziel

The domestic violence case against Johnny Manziel relating to an incident with his ex-girlfriend Coleen Crowley back in January has been sent to a grand jury, the Associated Press reports:

The Dallas Police Department investigated the case for over two weeks before this action was taken. Here is the official statement by the department.

Crowley is alleging that the Cleveland Browns quarterback struck her so hard the night in question that it ruptured her eardrum. It’s also being alleged that he threatened to kill the both of them before she pulled a knife on him in “self defense.”

What proceeded were authorities in the Dallas area conducting a helicopter search for Manziel due to concerns of his personal safety.

During the DPD’s investigation, they were able to acquire video evidence from the hotel the incident allegedly took place in as well as Crowley’s medical records.

More so than his future in the NFL, the former first-round pick’s well-being off the field should be of utmost concern.

After checking himself into rehab last year and reportedly continuing to drink after his release, Manziel found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons.

And whether substance abuse played a role in his latest incident, he’s now reached the point where his actions are apparently impacting the health of those around him. In and of itself, that’s a dangerous barrier to cross.

Add in the potential¬†of charges being filed against the quarterback, and it’s becoming readily apparent that his NFL career will be put on hold while he gets his house in order off the field.

From Manziel’s father expressing concerns over his son’s well-being to others within¬†the Browns organization showing frustration over his actions, there are a lot of people that remain worried about the quarterback.

While the possibility of jail time is enough to scare most people sober, Manziel has already crossed that line.

It’s now all about the legal process and what the grand jury in Dallas decides to do moving forward.