Dallas Cowboys Turning to 3-Dimensional Technology for Practice

By Rachel Wold

The Dallas Cowboys recently began using drones to film portions of their practice sessions. Now taking new technology a step further, ESPN’s Todd Archer reported that the Cowboys are enlisting the service of a virtual reality company called StriVR Labs which has developed software that will allow the team to watch their practice live in 3-D.

The 3-D software reportedly works on stationary cameras positioned behind the team’s line of scrimmage. The cameras will then film 360-degree views of their plays including sound. Certain players—such as the quarterbacks, safeties and linebackers—will wear a virtual reality headsetthat allows the coaches see if the players are making the correct reads on their instructed plays.

The software also benefits players not participating in the plays by giving them a first-person perspective when they view the footage.

Whether or not the 3-D technology and the drone footage the Cowboys use will have any positive impacts in their practice remains to be seen, but it’s a step in the right direction. At the very least, being the first team to explore these advanced technological avenues for optimizing their practice sessions gives them a cutting-edge reputation.

At this time, the Cowboys will be the first team to test out this technology. According to Archer, the Atlanta Falcons may be next in line.

Photo: USA Today Sports