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Dallas Cowboys star sees Packers as roaches that need to be snuffed out on Sunday

Jason Burgos

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons made an unusual comparison when explaining his thought process heading into their game against the struggling Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

In most years, a Cowboys vs. Packers game would be the hands-down game of the week in the NFL. Unfortunately, while Dallas has been one of the best teams in the NFC this season and owns a 6-2 record, Green Bay has been the polar opposite.

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Heading into their Week 10 clash, the Packers are 3-6 after losing five straight, and there are no obvious signs that quarterback Aaron Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur have a clear idea of how to turn things around.

Micah Parsons says Dallas Cowboys have to ‘step on’ Green Bay Packers while they’re down

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Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Micah Parsons was asked about his approach to facing a struggling squad that does have a good bit of talent on it. And the Pro Bowl linebacker compared the Pack to roaches, in explaining how the Cowboys can not underestimate their opponents while they are at a season-low point.

  • Micah Parsons stats (2022): 8 sacks, 36 tackles, 14 QB hits

“My grandma told me if you see a roach and it’s fooling around, do you step on it and bury it or do you let it rebuild and get back to life? You step on it. I live life with no remorse. You can’t have no remorse in this game [or] it turns up to bite you.”

– Michah Parsons on Packers (via Yahoo Sports)

It is an odd comparison but does get across a clear message that the Cowboys can’t take the Packers lightly and need to, pretty much, kick them while they are down — and keep them there. It’s a mentality that is necessary to win at the highest levels and Parsons has quickly shown in his 24 games in the league he knows what is takes to succeed in the NFL.

Cowboys vs Packers off at 4:25 PM ET on Fox this Sunday.