Dak Prescott throws shade at Ezekiel Elliott for doing ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’

Ezekiel Elliott Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys were lucky enough to have not one, but two breakout stars emerge last season — running back Ezekiel Elliot and quarterback Dak Prescott.

The talented duo led the team to a 13-3 record, a division title and another early exit from the playoffs. While losing in the division round was disappointing, the way the two rookies played has Cowboys fans as confident as ever that this year will be their year.

Lord knows, they’re about as popular as anyone else out there right now.


It doesn’t hurt that it appears that Elliot and Prescott seem to get along well and may even be good friends. But is it possible the two are not as chummy as they seem?

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Eden Laase, Prescott sounded critical of his partner in crime’s appearance in the latest edition of ESPN’s “Body Issue.”

“I think Zeke should use his platform to do things like I’m doing with Bristol Meyers Squibb for Ready. Raise. Rise. instead of doing his thing for the body issue and doing photo shoots.”

Prescott was doing the interview as part of a promotional tour for his charity, Ready. Raise. Rise.

What Prescott does during his downtime is his business, but the same goes for Elliot. If he wants to spend his time doing photo shoots in the buff, that is his right. It’s certainly better than some of the other things that have filled up his offseason.

Being openly critical of a teammate is something most professionals frown upon. It is also the kind of stuff the press and the internet tends to go crazy over. He should be aware of that by now. This might be one of those things Prescott should have kept between him and Elliot.