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Dak Prescott makes enlightening comment about contract negotiations with Cowboys

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will start Week 1 without a new contract extension after failing to come to an agreement with the team this summer.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones recently made it clear that contract talks will continue with Prescott and his representation this season. But it sounds like this could drag out a bit, based on what Prescott revealed during a televised interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews Sunday.

Prescott chimed in on the situation with a statement that opens a window into what he is seeking:

Prescott acknowledged that the record-breaking contract extension signed by Jared Goff is good for him. He also made it clear that he and his team are focused on continuing to push the market.

“It’s pushing the market,” Prescott said. “I think that’s what everybody’s trying to do. And we’d be disservicing anybody else — any other players in the league — if we weren’t.”

The interesting dynamic here is that the Cowboys have publicly stated that they aren’t interested in setting new markets on any contracts. However, we know the ‘Boys can be pushed out of their stance, because Ezekiel Elliott set a new market in his new deal last week.

If the Cowboys don’t quickly wrap this up with Prescott, chances are he becomes more expensive. The quarterback market has ratcheted up on a consistent basis. Every franchise passer that gets a new deal sets a new market. Prescott will not break that trend.