Dabo Swinney and Dave Doeren before the Clemson vs. NC State Game in Week 10

Dabo Swinney is peeved. After Clemson beat NC State Saturday (not without a bit of controversy at the end), Wolfpack head coach Dave Doeren seemed to be more interested in a laptop on Clemson’s sideline than the game itself. In fact, the coach called for an investigation into why the Tigers needed a laptop.

Saturday, after the game, Swinney said the laptop belonged to one of the team’s social media staff members, which makes a ton of sense.

After having some time to stew on the whole thing, Swinney was asked about this whole thing on Tuesday. He’s not happy. Not at all. The big deal for Swinney, who’s always preached integrity to his team, is that his team’s integrity was questioned.

The zinger here: “I think the investigation needs to be watching his sideline and not worrying about ours.”

See you next year, coach!