Cubs C Willson Contreras says he’ll defy new MLB rules if needed

Willson Contreras, like most of us, has heard of baseball’s new rules to limit mound visits. It’s safe to say that the Chicago Cubs catcher doesn’t care for them.

In fact, Contreras boldly stated that if the situation calls for it, he’ll have no problem breaking the rules.

“I don’t even care,” Contreras said, per Jesse Rodgers of ESPN. “If I have to go [out there] again and pay the price for my team I will. … What about a tight game or an extra-inning game and you have to go out there? … They cannot say anything about that. That’s my team. If they are going to fine me for mound visit No. 7, I’ll pay the price.”

Contreras can rest easy on one thing. Extra inning games are covered. Teams will be granted an extra visit per inning if the game goes into extra frames.

Rodgers also cited MLB executive Joe Torre, who detailed what would happen if the catcher violates the rules.

Contreras is far from the only player to speak out against the rules. Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander also expressed concern, while teammate Lance McCullers took to Twitter to voice his frustrations.