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Cowboys’ Travis Frederick diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, no timeline for return

Courtesy of Fox Sports: A puzzling pick at the time, Frederick has been a beast in Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick just recently went outside of the organization for a second opinion on an issue he’s been dealing with in the neck area.

While the Cowboys and Frederick seemed pretty upbeat about an ailment that was initially described as a stinger, Frederick himself has posted this update to his Twitter account.

As Frederick noted, he’s been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. It’s an auto immune disease that impacts fewer than 20,000 Americans on an annual basis.

“Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerve,” the Mayo Clinic said about the disease on its official website. “Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms.”

The Clinic went on to report that “sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body.” There’s no cure for the disease.

Frederick also said that the illness was detected at a “fairly early stage,” but it’s “not possible to determine a time table for a return to the field.”

It goes without saying the Pro Bowl center will be out for quite a while. Though, this has now morphed into a situation where Frederick’s football career should be the least of his concerns.

We wish him the best as he works his way back to the NFL and battles this disease.