Romo on Week 1 Performance: ‘I think I needed that’

With how poorly Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo performed in Week 1 at home against San Francisco, he really should have no where to go but up in Week 2.

In an interview with ESPN’s Todd Archer, Romo had some comments to share about his plans to improve this week against Tennessee..

I think I needed that, and maybe what I found is I needed to get that part of it sharper and that comes with playing … I’m disappointed it obviously took a game to get to that point, but it’ll be different going forward.

Romo further commented…

You never want to have games where you throw multiple interceptions. But what makes the best quarterbacks who they are is how they respond to it. So you got to come back and you got to play your best football for the next, for the rest of the season, multiple weeks, blah, blah, blah.

Romo has had some pretty awful games like last Sunday, and typically he bounces back. However, Romo’s Week 1 opener did mark his 11th career game where he has thrown three or more interceptions. On a positive note, in the 10 games following these stinkers, Romo rebounded with 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

All I can say is Tony Romo’s “blah, blah, blah” better amount to some improved fantasy points in Week 2, or he’s going to be spending a long season on the bench.

Photo: USA Today