Cowboys, Dak Prescott push back against recent contract reports

Dak Prescott throws a pass against the Washington Redskins
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The entire Dak Prescott situation with his Dallas Cowboys has gotten out of control in the media. Whether it being the slow time of the year or something else, reports continue to surface at nearly every turn.

Recent suggestions are that the Cowboys have offered Prescott a five-year, $175 million contract. In turn, Prescott is seeking $45 million for the fifth year. This follows recent suggestions that the franchise-tagged signal caller is hopeful for shorter deal at four years. Dallas wants him to commit to five years.

Now, according to both Prescott’s representation and the Cowboys, the reports of a $175 million offer and Prescott’s demand for that fifth year are false.

Given the expected increase in the salary cap over the next few seasons and the fact that the quarterback market continues to reset itself, it would make sense that Prescott wants a huge sum for the fifth season. Those reports seemed to have some substance to them.

However, Todd France and his client are now pushing back against said reports. Given the Cowboys leaked to NFL Media that said reports are also false, we have absolutely no idea what to think.

What we do know is that Prescott will earn $31.41 million under the franchise tag next season. The two sides have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal.