Cowboys CB Brandon Carr donates $110,000 to those impacted by Flint water crisis

Brandon Carr

By now most of you know about the water crisis currently taking place in the downtrodden area of Flint, Michigan.

Joining others who have aided in what promises to be a long-term recovery for the porous area, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr has donated $110,000 to those in need.

In a statement announcing the donation, Carr had this to say (via MLive.com):

“I am especially concerned about the children of Flint who now, because of lead poisoning, face tremendous adversity for the remainder of their lives. I call upon everyone including my fellow athletes across all professional sports leagues to do the right thing and support these kids for long-term through the Carr Cares Fund for Flint.”

The donation comes in the form of $100,000 to the Carr Cares Fund for Flint and another $10,000 for the Safe Water Safe Homes Fund — an outlet that will help Carr replace pipes and plumbing in impacted areas.

Carr, a native of Flint, has made it his goal not to ignore the region that defined him during his formative years. In this, he should be applauded.