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Cowboys among the teams worried about being sued over COVID-19?

Vincent Frank
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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As Texas reopens its economy, one of the largest states in the union is planning on hosting sporting events here soon.

Major League Baseball is considering a plan to start its season in early July with teams playing in their home stadiums. The NFL released its 2020 schedule earlier in May with the expectation that the season will start on time.

Despite the staggering numbers of COVID-19 cases in Texas, Senator Jon Cornyn (R) believes that teams in the state want to resume playing games.

In Cornyn’s opinion, the issue is that teams such as the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, MLB’s Texas Rangers and NBA’s Dallas Mavericks are worried about the legal ramifications of playing during the pandemic.

The Senator said that these teams “don’t want to be sued into oblivion” or be “responsible for a public health outbreak,” via The Dallas Morning News.

These comments came after Cornyn met with heads of Texas-based professional sports teams on Wednesday. They also come with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pushing back against the idea of opening his team’s facility due to the lack of widespread testing available in the United States.

The legal ramifications were a bit muddied. Could the Cowboys, as an example, be held responsible of an outbreak occurring at a game this coming season in Dallas? That’s not yet known. The likelier scenario is that fans attending a game would have to sign a waiver preventing them from suing.

It certainly is one of the things that we’re not talking about as sports looks to get going here soon.