Could Zion Williamson return to Duke rather than play for Pelicans?

Zion Williamson was clearly not thrilled when the New Orleans Pelicans won the first overall pick during the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

He was in attendance with his family for the lottery. When the Pelicans got the top pick, he was quickly whisked away amid reports he was hoping the New York Knicks would have landed the top pick.

One day later, and NBA insider Marc Stein of the New York Times alluded to the fact that, technically, Zion could return to school because he hasn’t signed an NBA agent.

Anthony Davis reportedly still wants out of New Orleans, even after the team got the top pick of the 2019 NBA Draft. So, if Williamson did get drafted by the Pelicans, he’d immediately be at the center of a complete rebuild unless Davis could be convinced to return.

So, is there a chance that Zion goes back to Duke this next season, rather than play for a team he’s not (and apparently nobody else is) excited about? It’s an interesting question. But given the kind of money he stands to haul in from endorsements alone once he turns pro, it probably isn’t a likely scenario.