Could the College Football Playoff be expanded soon?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

College football’s decision to go from the old Bowl Championship Series format to a true four-team playoff has helped the sport big time in recent years.

We’ve been privy to much more excitement as the top teams in the nation do battle in a three-game series that decides the real champion.

Though, some have in the past lobbied for the playoff to be expanded even more. It now looks like that could be the case. According to Brett McMurphy of Stadium, a whopping 88% of FBS athletic directors favor expanding the field once the current contract ends following the 2025 season.

“The startling playoff expansion revelation is one of a handful of key findings in Stadium’s two-week series on the state of college football. Of the 130 FBS athletic directors Stadium reached out to, 112 responded to our anonymous survey,” the report read. “While the specifics of how many teams and who qualifies varies somewhat between Power Five and Group of Five conference athletic directors, one thing is certain: Change is coming to the College Football Playoff.”

As noted, there’s no specific number athletic directors are looking at right now. The field could be expanded to eight. That would add two more game to the playoff. An expansion to 16 games is far less likely given the logistics of fitting it within the calendar.

Either way, it sure the heck looks like the playoff field will be expanded within the next few years. In a vacuum, that can’t be seen as a bad thing.