Could Kevin Love head to Pelicans, reunite with David Griffin?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since he signed a max contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer, rumors have surrounded the possibility that Kevin Love could be traded.

These rumors were not quieted down much during a 2018-19 campaign that saw Love miss all but 22 games to injury.

While the 19-win Cavs were better with Love and then-rookie Collin Sexton on the court together, this team is in complete rebuild mode.

Love remains the only real asset to help expedite the rebuild.

On the other hand, the New Orleans Pelicans and first-year general manager David Griffin have already expedited their rebuild by receiving a massive package from the Los Angeles Lakers for Anthony Davis.

This leads us to a rather interesting question. Is it possible that Love could reunite with the same general manager that traded for him what seems to be eons ago?

It’s not as far-fetched as one might thing.

Pelicans in the market: New Orleans is looking for a player of Love’s ilk.

  • Set to select Zion Williamson No. 1 overall Thursday evening, the Pelicans are reportedly looking for a stretch four.
  • Love has legit been the definition of this, dating back to his days with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s shooting a robust 40 percent from three-point range over the past two seasons.
  • The idea of teaming Love up with Williamson and Brandon Ingram in the front court seems to be appealing.

Pelicans have the assets: Three additional first-round picks from the Lakers helps.

  • New Orleans wouldn’t necessarily trade the No. 4 pick (acquired from Los Angeles) straight up for Love.
  • Instead, it would be the latter half of two trades on draft night.
  • The Pelicans are reportedly talking about selling off the fourth pick to the Atlanta Hawks for the eighth and 10th picks.
  • This would enable New Orleans to move one of those two selections and a cap filler for Love.

It works for Cleveland: Build by tearing down.

  • At this point in his career, Love is good enough to net Cleveland maybe five more wins throughout the season.
  • All that would do is impact the Cavaliers’ chances in the 2020 NBA Draft lottery.
  • Playing Love this past season impacted Cleveland’s chances in said lottery back in May.
  • Being able to add two top-10 picks with Collin Sexton would expedite the Cavaliers’ rebuild in a big way.

We’re not predicting this trade to go down Thursday evening in Brooklyn. But it does seem to make too much sense for both sides.

New Orleans would be able to turn the fourth pick acquired in the Davis trade into a top-10 selection and an All-Star big at a need position.

On the other hand, Cleveland would add two top-end picks to a talent-stricken roster.

Make it happen.