Cordarrelle Patterson fined $13K for grabbing opponents’ groin

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

A shot to the groin can be painful, but now it seems delivering a jolt to an opponent’s groin can hurt in a different way. The NFL has fined New England Patriots wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson $13,369 for grabbing New York Jets defensive end Henry Anderson’s groin in Week 12.

Patterson explained after the game that he grabbed Anderson in that sensitive area after being tackled and having Anderson sit over him. He was not going to have another man’s junk in his face, so he took action.

Clearly, the NFL didn’t like his excuse.

It’s a costly fine for Patterson, so hopefully the action was worth the hit to his wallet. Opponents will probably want to avoid finding themselves in the same situation as Anderson, so at least Patterson got his message across.