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Company claims LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand stole its name

Michael Dixon
Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball

At this point, it’s fair to wonder if Lavar Ball can walk from his house to his car without doing something that upsets people. He’s made plenty of comments, including some pretty darn controversial ones recently. His Big Baller Shoe brand has also made headlines, mainly for the outrageous price of the product.

But now the shoe brand is under attack for a different reason. According to an Instagram post, Baller Brand is alleging that Ball “stole our brand name a few years ago and added “Big” to brand his name.”


Obviously, a lot is going to have to be done to prove that the name was stolen. Given the sport that Ball’s sons play and surname of “Ball,” coming up with a name like “Big Baller Brand” isn’t exactly a reach.

But even if Lavar and his family are innocent in this, this is the kind of story that has potential to get ugly. It can certainly get drawn out for a long period of time and can serve as yet another reason why teams may not be interested in using a high draft pick on Lonzo Ball in 2017.

These are all claims right now so nobody can do anything but form an opinion. But at this point, it is fair to wonder what’s next when it comes to Lavar.