Colin Kaepernick on benching: ‘I’ll support Blaine in everything they do’

By Rachel Wold

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be served a huge dose of humble pie as he sits on Sunday and watches Blaine Gabbert assume his starting role against the Atlanta Falcons.

Although on he surface, Kap appears to be keeping a positive attitude. He vows to support Gabbert and his team on Sunday, via the team’s official website.

“To me, that’s selfish to put that on myself and take away from my teammates and take away from Blaine,” he said. “I’ll support my teammates, (and) I’ll support Blaine in everything they do because they’ve been good to me.”

Kaepernick has been under center for the 49ers ever since Week 10 in 2012 and he doesn’t plan to change as far as preparation goes. He said he’s “focused and locked in.” Should Gabbert become injured, he would find himself immediately back in the game.

When Kaepernick was asked if he is being directly blamed by the team for their terrible 2-6 start, he didn’t really address that question, but did share this.

“I do everything I can to try and help this team win. (I) try to support my teammates and try to help us go out and try to get a ‘W’ on Sundays.”

After losing another game and going scoreless for two weeks in a row, head coach Jim Tomsula announced on Wednesday that Kaepernick needs time to take a step back and breathe. And, Kaepernick said that he didn’t question or argue about the coach’s decision to sit him.

“That decision is out of my control, and I left it at that. I respect their authority.”

It is quite mature of Kaepernick to take the high road and publicly support the man taking over his job leading teammates who hasn’t been very happy with him lately. If anything, he should now relate to how Alex Smith felt when he lost his starting job to Kap back in 2012.

When we see Kaepernick on the field again this season is anyone’s guess and highly depends on how Gabbert, who was quite underwhelming in Jacksonville, performs moving ahead.