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Colin Kaepernick shuts down talk about salary being reason he’s not signed with one retweet

Colin Kaepernick

There has been a lot written in recent months about Colin Kaepernick and the reasons why he hasn’t been signed by an NFL team. Most recently, he had a meeting with the Seattle Seahawks that reportedly went very well. He was said to be very content being Russell Wilson’s backup in that scenario.

Then Monday came, and the Seahawks signed a quarterback not named Colin Kaepernick. Austin Davis is his name, and he’s decidedly a bottom-of-the-barrel NFL backup.

Throughout the weekend leading up to the Davis signing, the buzz surrounding Kaepernick and the Seahawks was that Pete Carroll wouldn’t bring him on board because “he’s a starter,” and Seattle already has one of those. However, another report surfaced in which money was said to be the deciding factor.

Simply put, Kaepernick supposedly wants starter money. That’s been what many have surmised all along, and that report only solidified that opinion all the more.

Then Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report tweeted out something directly contradictory to that narrative — a tweet that Kaepernick retweeted.

With one push of a button, Kaepernick made his thoughts on that narrative crystal clear.

At least from his perspective — it’s hard to argue with the man himself, as he’s the one with the inside scoop — money isn’t the reason he’s not signed. As we’ve passed along before, Kaepernick is not demanding a ton of money, nor is he demanding to be a starter.

He just wants what every player wants — a chance to compete.

However, it’s undeniable at this point that he’ll be hard pressed (if not completely shut down) in this pursuit, at least heading into the 2017 season.

NFL owners are scared to sign him because some of their fans don’t agree with Kaepernick’s political stances and beliefs (aka he wants to help people who don’t have much in this life). Juxtaposed with the countless second and third chances men with violent criminal records get in this league, it’s not a good look for the NFL.