Coaches support redshirt rule change in college football

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A significant change could be coming to college football in 2018. The ACC proposed a rule that would allow players to appear in four games yet still take a redshirt, which protects a year of eligibility.

And according to Zach Barnett of Football Scoop, American Football Coaches Association executive director Todd Berry said the AFCA fully supports the change.

“This needs to pass and it needs to pass right now.”

Per Max Olson of The Athletic, Berry said there is “unanimous support” among coaches for the rule.

Currently, the rules for a redshirt are simple: The moment a player appears in a game, that counts for a season of eligibility.

The change would benefit both players and coaches, since it affords in-game experience for young players but doesn’t affect their long-term outlook. Coaches, rather than worrying about wasting a year of eligibility, could use a promising talent if a need arises late in the season.

Plus, it affords the chance for a freshman who wasn’t ready to contribute in early September to progress throughout the fall months and potentially earn a role down the stretch. Seeing that promising talent in a bowl game would add intrigue to the postseason, too.

Coaches certainly see the positive side, since they can use late-blooming freshmen and still keep them around for four more years. Granted, there’s no surprise coaches this rule but don’t want changes to the transfer system, which has no effect on them.

The redshirt proposal will be voted on this spring.