Cleveland Browns: QB Johnny Manziel Expects to Start in Game 1

New Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine has been sticking to his guns explaining that quarterback, Johnny Manziel is the backup and the team expects Brian Hoyer to start. Manziel appears to be thinking quite to the contrary, however.

Manziel had this to say when asked if he expects to start Week 1 against the Steelers, as reported by NFL.com


I want to play. That’s what anybody wants to do. Anybody that’s been a starter in the past, and been playing, they want to play. To say I don’t want to be the starter, that would be ridiculous.

I absolutely want to start, that’s my goal. Hopefully I can achieve that.

On the flip side, Manziel also indicated it’s not the end of the world” if he hasn’t surpassed Brian Hoyer by Week 1. When minicamps ended last week, Pettine claimed that Hoyer would be the starter upon the start of training camp, although Hoyer’s lead is not “insurmountable”.

Training camp will give Manziel a better opportunity to learn the playbook and follow under Hoyer’s leadership. He will also train next month in Dallas and possibly San Diego with quarterback guru George Whitfield. Claiming that the offense at Texas A&M was simple, Manziel states that the offense of the Browns is more complex, and that he shouldn’t be ruled out. In closing, Manziel commented..

Obviously, I’m very competitive.

I actually think I’m with Manziel on this one. If not Week 1, we’ll see him start soon afterwards.

Photo: Fox Sports