Chuck Pagano goes off the rails at Monday press conference

By Jesse Reed

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano had a very unorthodox press conference Monday. He pelted media with “Groundhog Day” references and discussed how hurricanes come into the United States off the Atlantic.

It was truly bizarre.

This sounds like the talk of a guy who’s gotten comfortable with the fact he’s a lame duck who won’t be coming back in 2018. The Colts are a train wreck, and it’s not all about how badly the organization botched the Andrew Luck situation.

Thanks in large part to Pagano’s penchant for making the most ridiculous decisions possible in crunch time, Indy has lost multiple close games and enters Week 13 with a record of 3-8, dead last in the AFC South with no real hope of clawing out of that hole.

So while he’s still hanging around, he might as well have a bit of fun. And he’s clearly doing that here, even if what he’s trying to say is very difficult to ascertain.