Christian Hackenberg hitting reporters with errant passes during practice

By Jesse Reed

The legend of Christian Hackenberg continues to grow. And by legend, we mean the horrifying tale of ineptitude that plagues the former Penn State passer.

We’ve already heard how bad Hackenberg’s tape was from preseason last year — horrifying was how one scout described it. Apparently, he’s not improved since last summer.

According to Connor Hughes of, in three OTA sessions open to the media, Hackenberg hit media members twice. And that’s not even the half of it.

“When Hackenberg misses… he really misses. He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I’m not talking about a receiver falling down. I’m saying the defender just dropped the ball.

“Other times, the wideout/running back/tight end was wide open, and Hackenberg sailed it over his head or bounced it to him. That can’t happen. In the three media-open OTAs, Hackenberg hit reporters with passes twice. “


We’re talking about some otherworldly type of horror here.

The stats department compiled Hackenberg’s numbers from the three sessions open to the media, and they’re awful — 21-of-66 passing (58 percent), one touchdown. two interceptions, one fumble and four sacks. And remember, according to Hughes, that interception total should be way more egregious.

If the Jets are intent on tanking this year, then the best thing they can do is take Joe Namath’s advice and start Hackenberg. They’d be certain to land the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the sound of things.

And we already assume they’re tanking, so it makes sense.

That said, Josh McCown will probably start, because Todd Bowles and his coaching staff are probably not on board with this whole tanking idea.