Chip Kelly’s Practices Consist of Collecting Daily Urine Samples From Players

By Rachel Wold

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has been under a bright spotlight over the last several months due to an incredibly active offseason. For this, he is one of the most intriguing coaches to follow.

Here are some interesting facts that were discovered by Kent Babb of The Washington Post when he recently profiled Kelly.

Kelly apparently requires daily urine samples from every player by leaving a cup in each person’s locker. The cup contains a head shot of the player that turns green once the daily sample has been tested.

Other quirky practices by Kelly include making his players practice while he blares the lyrics of “The Lion King” or the tunes of Ricky Martin.

Poor guys.

A former Eagles player had this to share about Kelly’s idiosyncrasies:

“There’s plenty of weirdos in the NFL. He’s just a different kind of weirdo.”

It’s safe to say we have all witnessed the “different kid of weirdo” Kelly is over the past few months.

Kelly threw the NFL world for a roller coaster ride when the Eagles announced the trade of running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills. That act was followed by Kelly and the Eagles ridding themselves of quarterback Nick Foles in exchange for injury-plagued former St. Louis Rams signal caller Sam Bradford.

Obsessed, as some would say with quarterbacks, Kelly courted Tim Tebow and eventually signed him to the squad. Additionally, leading up to the NFL Draft, Kelly never hid the fact he was interested in possibly trading up to have a chance at drafting his former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Kelly certainly is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. Whether it is monitoring his player’s sleep or conducting soreness and mood studies via iPads, Kelly definitely could win the most intriguing coach of the year award.

Of course, it’s our hope that Eagles players aren’t forced to listen to “Livin’ la Vida Loca” on a never-ending loop. That wouldn’t end well for anybody.

Photo: USA Today Sports