The Philadelphia Eagles have been making some questionable moves over the past week. It has also been widely speculated that coach Chip Kelly had plans to attempt to move up in this year’s NFL draft in order to secure a chance at selecting Marcus Mariota.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the Eagles pulled off a trade with the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford. This comes on the heels of re-signing quarterback Mark Sanchez to a two-year deal with the team.

At a press conference to clear the air, Kelly addressed the possible Mariota draft plan.

Let’s dispel that right now. I think that stuff’s crazy. You guys have been going with that stuff all along,” the head coach said about trading up for his former understudy at Oregon. “I think Marcus is the best quarterback in the draft. We will never mortgage our future to go all the way up to get somebody like that because we have too many holes to take care of.”

When asked about Sanchez and if Bradford is a starting quarterback, Kelly further elaborated:

Both Sam and Mark are. And I think we have to have two. It was really essential for us to get Mark back here and then when the opportunity with St. Louis came up to get Sam, same exact thing. Do you want to lose Nick Foles? No, you don’t want to lose Nick Foles, but you have to give something up to get something. The deal with Sam Bradford, if he never tore his ACL, he’d never be traded

At least for now, Kelly calls the Mariota talk crazy. However, with several weeks left prior to the draft, who knows what may take place? We have to expect the unexpected with Philadelphia.

Photo: USA Today