Chip Kelly on new job differences: ‘The ocean is on the other side’

In an attempt at some sarcasm, San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly had this snazzy comeback when asked about the difference between his old and new jobs.

“The ocean is on the other side,” Kelly said per Matt Lombardo of “The ocean was on the right in Philadelphia, now it’s on the left. I don’t feel I’m different. Ask the coaches who are with me now and were with me before.”

Surely embarrassed after a poor season and getting fired from the Eagles last December, Kelly is still feeling the sting. Though it is good to see he feels confident about his new support system on the left side of the country.

Kelly moved on from Philadelphia, which currently houses a disgruntled Sam Bradford, to the 49ers and their awkward quarterback situation.

Currently, both an embattled Colin Kaepernick and a fresh Blaine Gabbert are slated for a heated quarterback competition. While Gabbert seems to be the locker room favorite, Kelly claims there are no issues with Kaepernick, whose failed attempt at a trade still lingers stinky in the air.

It’s a case of the same old drama for Kelly, just a Pacific Ocean version this go around.