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Chiefs Super Bowl appearance leads to highest demand for tickets since 2012

Jesse Reed
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s early, and things could get even wilder when it comes to Super Bowl ticket prices in the next couple of weeks. But the Kansas City Chiefs getting to Super Bowl LIV has driven up the price of tickets, and the demand for them is higher than it’s been since 2012.

Per Andrew Gretchko of Vivid Seats, the average ticket price for Super Bowl LIV is going for $5,337. Here’s how that figure compares to the most recent Super Bowls.

Average Cost of a Ticket Sold

  • 2020 Super Bowl: $5,337
  • 2019 Super Bowl: $4,642
  • 2018 Super Bowl: $5,244
  • 2017 Super Bowl: $5,077
  • 2016 Super Bowl: $4,502
  • 2015 Super Bowl: $2,857
  • 2014 Super Bowl: $3,643
  • 2013 Super Bowl: $2,280
  • 2012 Super Bowl: $2,601

Furthermore, he notes that “demand for the Super Bowl is the highest since we started keeping track back in 2012.¬†Additionally, the Chiefs win has thus far caused a 9% spike in demand since I first checked the prices for this year’s game earlier this week.”

Likely, it will not matter too much whether it’s the Green Bay Packers or San Francisco 49ers — two of the NFL’s most storied franchises — join the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. The ticket prices will only continue to inflate, and it’s clear interest in this coming title game is sky high.