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Tyreek Hill now involved in ‘child in need of care’ case

Vincent Frank

The off-field saga surrounding Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill doesn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion.

Mere days after Chiefs head coach Andy Reid noted that he expects Hill to be a member of the team next season, comes this explosive report from Fox 4 in Kansas City.

According to the report, Hill appeared in family court in Kansas on Wednesday under the umbrella of “child in need of care.” It’s reportedly one of several court appearances Hill has made since allegations broke of multiple child abuse incidents at the star receiver’s home.

“The court must determine if the child is ‘in need of care’ (meaning, that the child is without proper care or supervision, or has been abused, or is truant, or other statutory reasons),” the court website summarized, via Fox 4. “If the court finds the child to be a CINC, the court has tremendous authority to make orders for the child and family. The court may order the child and parents to obtain counseling or treatment. The court may order the child placed in the custody of a relative or in state custody.”

Hill, 25, is currently under investigation for child abuse by authorities in Overland Park. Despite this, he reported to the Chiefs’ voluntary program earlier in the week.

It remains to be seen what might come out of this new information. But it’s clear things are not going to end on the legal front any time soon.