Chiefs’ Andy Reid would give up a toe for Super Bowl title

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The sacrifices those in the NFL world make are by now well known. Long hours in the office or training room. No real time for the family. A very short break during the offseason. It’s one of the reasons they get paid the big bucks.

Having coached in the NFL for more than a quarter century, Kansas City Chiefs head man Andy Reid knows this full well. Though, he’s willing to take said sacrifice to a whole new level in order to win that elusive first Super Bowl title.

“I asked him in Orlando if he’d give up a pinky toe if it meant a guaranteed Super Bowl victory in the next seven years. He did not hesitate in his answer. ‘Right now,'” NFL Media’s Dan Hanzus noted.

Well, the pinky toe is probably the least important of all the digits down there. It’s not quite on par with Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott giving up one of his fingers to play in a game. Even then, we’re openly wondering whether Reid’s family would be okay with this exchange.

Reid did earn a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Green Bay Packers’ coaching staff back in the day. Though, in two decades as a head coach, he has fallen short.

Kansas City made massive roster changes this offseason in order to help it contend over the long term. That included trading Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith and replacing him with 2016 first-round pick Patrick Mahomes under center. Whether this will lead to further contention in 2018 remains to be seen.

Let’s just hope for Reid’s sake he didn’t make a deal with the devil here. That’s never worked out in the history of human kind.