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Chicago White Sox All-Star Tim Anderson suspended 3 games after another heated ejection

Jason Burgos

Chicago White Sox All-Star Tim Anderson could be missing action soon after MLB handed him a three-game ban Saturday. Following a heated argument recently with umpire Nick Mahrley that included Anderson making contact with the officials cap.

On Friday night, the White Sox found themselves in a 5-1 hole in the seventh inning of their home game against the Oakland Athletics. After a no-outs double from Eloy Jimenez opened the inning, Anderson took to the plate to try and bring his teammate home and narrow the deficit.

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On the first pitch of the at-bat, Athletics relief pitcher Domingo Acevedo threw of fastball up and in that Mahrley called a strike. The pitch was high but a borderline pitch that could have gone either way. However, the firey Anderson did not see it that way at all. The 29-year-old immediately let his dissatisfaction be known and the two began to exchange words.

Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson was also suspended in 2021 for umpire contact

After about six seconds, Mahrley had heard enough and ejected the two-time All-Star. The umpire’s decision led Anderson to take the conversation to a much more personal level as he got in the face of Mahrley. Getting close enough that the bill of his helmet made contact with Mahrley’s cap, a massive no-no for MLB.

On Saturday, MLB announced that it has suspended Anderson for three games, and gave him an undisclosed fine, for helmet-to-hat contact in the White Sox’s 7-3 loss to the A’s. However, Anderson has appealed the ruling and was eligible for Saturday night’s rematch.

This is not the first time Anderson has been suspended for contacting an umpire. In Sept. 2021 he was also suspended for three games and fined when he made contact during a confrontation with umpire Tim Timmons during a win against the Detroit Tigers.