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Once again, the Chicago Bears won’t increase ticket prices


The Chicago Bears might be continuing to put out an inferior product on the football field. But unlike other downtrodden franchises, they’re not out here making sure fans pay top dollar for a bad product.

For the third time in four years, Chicago’s only NFL franchise will not increase tickets to their games.

In making the announcement, Bears president Ted Phillips made sure fans knew the reasoning behind it. He noted that the franchise is committed to a “premium sports experience” while acknowledging that it starts with a “winning football team,” per the Chicago Tribune.

This is somewhat of an outlier. While secondary ticket prices are usually dictated by team success and venue, bad teams don’t generally take that into account when setting prices on-site.

The Bears have won a grand total of 19 games over the past four seasons and have earned a playoff spot just once since losing in the Super Bowl back in February of 2007. At the very least, the organization knows it needs to do better and isn’t out here making fans pay top dollar for a bad product. That’s refreshing.