Chelsea defender Gary Cahill Cahill calls out officials

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

The football might be incredibly entertaining right now but after sensational refereeing at Euro 2016, we’re getting absolutely horrendous officiating right now in the Premier League.

Having watched Chelsea against Swansea on Sunday, it is easy to see why Chelsea centre-back Gary Cahill was furious. 


It’s a testament to his character that he at least tried to take a stand, giving an honest and candid interview to the BBC.  

Cahill makes two very important points.  

“I said to the referee, there’s three of you that can see that” and “It’s all fun and games for the fans – but it’s the players who suffer,” Cahill said, via BBC. “That kills me and kills my team. We have dropped two points which is massive in this league.”

How did all the officials miss the foul? It’s not quite visible from the moon as Cahill makes out, but from every official position it was clear. So what’s the excuse?

Cahill took a clip of the incident to Twitter but the post was later removed. Whether this was a decision on behalf of the club or the player is unsure at this point. Yet Cahill has obviously backed down.

He shouldn’t though. Cahill was rightfully annoyed, and for the second time this weekend, a referee should be forced to explain why they chose to ignore an obvious foul. 

“I didn’t see it” has been given 10,000 times as an excuse by referees, it has to stop. There needs to be accountability or a means for captains to dispute a referee’s decision on the pitch. This weekend demands such a change.