CFL coach: Johhny Manziel ‘should be playing’ in the NFL

By Jesse Reed

Johnny Manziel is a backup right now for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and he might not ever come off the bench this year. But that hasn’t stopped his current CFL coach, June Jones, from making a strong statement of support about his NFL future.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised the last three weeks what a good teammate he is, how smart he is, how he sees the game,” Jones said, via David Newton of “He should be playing in the National Football League and I believe he will when he gets through with us.”

As for when Manziel might make his way back to the NFL, Jones has an idea about that.

“It’ll take two years,” Jones said. “They’re [NFL executives, coaches] waiting to see that he’s taken care of his off-the-field problems. . . . He’s humble. He’s growing up every day.”

So far, Manziel has seemingly done everything right to show he’s moved past his days of partying and a lack of focus on the job. If he can continue to do and say all the right things, both on and off the field, then it’s likely true that Manziel will get another shot at the NFL in due course.