Cecil Shorts predicts Blake Bortles will be a ‘superstar’ in the league

By Rachel Wold

It’s hard to get too excited about one preseason game, but Jacksonville Jaguars second-year quarterback Blake Bortles actually looked quite impressive. He completed 11 of 15 passes for 118 yards in a Friday night victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-21.

Wide receiver Cecil Shorts is hyped about his new quarterback and doesn’t think the preseason game was an aberration. He joined the Jags this season as a free agent and is already raving about his new quarterback.

“He’s tough. Determined to be great,” Shorts said Monday, via Jayson Braddock of KFNC in Houston. “I think he’ll be a superstar in this league.”

Crazy enough, as amazing as Bortles’ preseason opener was, it could have been even better. Two of his incompletions were dropped by his receivers and should have been touchdowns.

Shorts’ statement aligns with comments recently made by the Jags general manager David Caldwell, who said he noted a “night and day” difference in Bortles this year compared to his rookie campaign.

If Bortles can continue to take advantage of his natural size and arm strength and keeps completing a high percentage of passes throughout the preseason, then he certainly has the potential to live up to Shorts’ prediction.

After recording only 36 wins compared to 76 losses over the last seven seasons, the Jaguars need something to be excited about moving forward. And, with Bortles looking like he is on the brink of stardom and ready to lead the team to future success, then by all means we will let Shorts and the fans in Big Cat Country bask in their glory.