Meteorologist received death threats for tornado coverage during final round of Masters

Augusta National during the 2018 Masters

While the final round of the Masters took place on Sunday, CBS 46 in Atlanta had to interrupt the national coverage of the golf tournament in order to warn the public about tornado threats.

Ella Dorsey, a meteorologist at the station, shared on Sunday that she received death threats for cutting into the Masters programming.

On Monday, the station took time to address the vile threats issued to her and the meteorology team.

What’s really remarkable is that the station didn’t even completely cut away from the Masters. Instead, CBS 46 showed the tournament while reporting on the dangerous weather conditions in a separate box.

Even if the station had cut completely away from the Masters, the kind of responses that came in would have been unacceptable. It’s a shame that people failed to value the safety of their fellow human beings because there was a sporting event on television.