Cavaliers owner: LeBron James is more valuable than Stephen Curry

Luckily, Cleveland Cavaliers owner David Griffin didn’t have a vote in who won the 2015-16 NBA MVP. If he had, the entire basketball world would have erupted in a never-ending debate on what “most valuable” actually means.

Fresh off Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry earning his second consecutive MVP award, this time as the only unanimous winner in NBA history, Griffin himself had a rather interesting take on the award itself:

This is the age-old question. Does best actually mean most valuable when it comes to choosing this award in the world of professional sports?

Considering Curry received all 131 first-place votes, it’s safe to say those tasked with covering the NBA believe he’s both the best and most valuable in the league.

Proponents of LeBron James winning the award believe that he’s turned a bottom-rung playoff team into a legit title contender. Meanwhile, they also conclude that the Warriors would be a title contender, even if Curry were not on the team.

For his part, James indicated on Wednesday that Curry was deserving of the award:

“I think he definitely deserved it,” James said. “Look at Steph’s numbers. He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40 and they won 73 (games). Do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award?”

James did add his interpretation of what he believes most valuable actually means, but it’s safe to say he had no issue with Curry winning the award.

While Griffin’s comments are definitely interesting, they shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise. He’s understandably subjective on the topic.

The debate itself is fun, but there’s nothing anyone can do about the end result. Curry received his trophy in front of his home crowd Wednesday night in Oakland. He then went on to hit a clutch three pointer late in the game to send Golden State to the Western Conference Finals for the second consecutive season.

Should the Warriors win back-to-back titles after putting up a league record 73 victories during the regular season, Curry’s 2015-16 performance will go down as one of the greatest in Association history.

That means a bit more than hoisting the MVP award. This is something Curry, Griffin and James can all agree on.