Cavaliers officials trying to identify fan who yelled racial slurs at Patty Mills

During Sunday’s Cleveland Cavaliers game against the San Antonio Spurs, a Cavs fan taunted Spurs point guard Patty Mills with a racial slur. Mills, who is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, has since responded, calling the fan “hateful” and “confused.”

Now, the Cavaliers are looking into the matter and are working to identify the man who called Mills a “Jamaican dog,” per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. It could prove difficult to identify the man, however, as Vardon notes, “There is no obvious culprit in the footage.”

If the fan is identified, then it’s highly likely Cleveland will follow the lead of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Blackhawks, both of which indefinitely banned fans for similar actions within the past few months.