Cavaliers Guard Iman Shumpert Calls out Reporter

By Vincent Frank

All seems to be solid on the Cleveland Cavaliers front. Following a Game 6 win over the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, the team is heading to the Eastern Conference Finals. It was an absolutely dominating performance against the Bulls in Chicago that enabled Cleveland to move on.

During that game, Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert took exception to a flagrant foul Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic committed against him in the second quarter.

Following Cleveland’s series-clinching win, Shumpert made some off-handed remarks to LeBron James about Mirotic—comments he thought were private (via

After the game, Shumpert was still miffed by that wrestling tactic,” Cavaliers beat writer Chris Haynes wrote. “As he was getting dressed, he was telling James ‘That dude better be cool. I’m from here. I got my family here and everything. He wants to get out safe, don’t he?’

While the conversation was seen as more of a joke, Haynes decided to print Shumpert’s interaction with James.

This didn’t sit well with the Cavaliers guard:

There’s somewhat of a fine line here. Reporters don’t usually publish conversations players have with one another in the locker room after a game. There is a certain expectation of privacy there. Once a reporter crosses that Rubicon, there really is no going back. He/she loses the trust of the players. While it remains to be seen whether Haynes crossed that line, Shumpert seems to believe he did.

Photo: USA Today Sports