Cavaliers’ Game 7 Watch Party tickets at Quicken Loans Arena sold out in two minutes

By Jesse Reed
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After watching their team battle back and force a Game 7 in the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers fans are more than a bit excited. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported Friday morning that the Cavaliers’ Game 7 Watch Party tickets sold out in two minutes.

Being that the tickets were so cheap and that all the proceeds go to charity, this is a no-brainer for Cavs fans who can make it to the Q Sunday night.

After the Golden State Warriors took a 3-1 lead in the series in Cleveland last week, it seemed like the Cavaliers had no chance to push the series to seven games. The thought was, “the Cavs just can’t win two games in Oakland. It’s not happening.”

But then LeBron James’ greatness happened. The superstar’s legendary gene kicked into action with his team in desperation mode. As cool as the other side of the pillow, James has racked up an astonishing 82 points, 24 rebounds, 18 assists, six blocks and seven steals the past two games, and the Cavaliers have outscored the Warriors by 29 points.

James has been so great that one of the NBA’s legends, Magic Johnson, has deemed the Cavs’ foerward worthy of his personal Mt. Rushmore. Johnson tweeted that James is ” a winner and we’ve never seen anybody with his all around skill set.”

Let that sink in for a minute. Johnson was the best all-around player the NBA had seen before James was even born.

Meanwhile, the MVP Stephen Curry has been frustrated to the point of tossing his mouthpiece into the crowd in Game 6, earning an ejection.

Game 7 is going to be off the hook. The level of energy at Oracle Arena (and Quicken Loans Arena, for that matter) is going to be potent enough to power a trip to Mars and back again.

The action commences on Sunday, June 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s a perfect Father’s Day gift for basketball-loving dads, many of whom will be watching at the Cavaliers’ Game 7 Watch Party at the Q.