Yankees Sign Masahiro Tanaka, Ichiro To Ask Him For Help Translating Japanese to English

News that the New York Yankees have agreed to a seven-year contract with Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka didn't hit Ichiro until Tanaka had to translate it to...

In Need of a Jerk, Milwaukee Brewers Sign Matt Garza

No word on whether they are currently pursuing Garza's BFF, Eric Sogard. Stay tuned for that story as it unfolds. Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson of USA Today Sports...

White Sox Sign Robin Ventura to Extension

Can we all hope that this extension was reliant on Ventura bringing Nolan Ryan in as the White Sox pitching coach? If you're too young to get...

Jon Lester Would Rather Be With A Winner

Thanks goodness for Red Sox fans that Lester didn't say this 10 years ago! Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers and Matt Garza Clearly View $52m Differently

Garza agrees to get paid a lot of money from another bad team. But winning is everything right?Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees Masahiro Tanaka Deal Only Worth $68M

That's because $67 million is going to Washington DC, $13.5m in Albany, and another $6m to City Hall in New York.

Really? Red Sox pay tribute to Mariano

We've reached the golden age of crazy. Are we right or are we right - This has gotten ridiculous?

Braves-Nats Game Postponed

If you haven't heard, some jackass decided to shoot up the Navy Yard in Washington today.