Carson Palmer ‘very’ concerned about Deshaun Watson taking so many hits

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking on the Jim Rome Show Tuesday, former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer expressed that he is “very” concerned about Deshaun Watson taking so many big hits.

The Houston Texans quarterback tore his ACL as a rookie and endured a league-high 62 sacks in 2018. Then on Monday night, he was sacked an absurd six more times and hit a total of 11 times in the pocket.

Folks, at that pace, Watson will be hit 176 times and sacked 96 times in 2019. He also endured a hard bounce off the turf that sent him to the medical tent when he took a flying leap into the end zone on fourth down.

Needless to say, Watson is enduring a ton of physical abuse playing quarterback for the Texans. It’s not a sustainable model, and the Texans need to remedy the situation as fast as humanly possible.