Carlos Correa has distinctly different take on ‘juiced balls’ than teammate Justin Verlander

Houston Astros teammates Justin Verlander and Carlos Correa don’t exactly see eye to eye on the whole “juiced balls” debate swirling around MLB these days.

Verlander came out on Monday with about as scathing a statement as you can imagine, accusing MLB of juicing the balls while saying the game has become “a joke.”

One day later, Correa chimed in on the debate with some Twitter posts that couldn’t be further from what his teammate believes. He seems to believe MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, who on Tuesday said MLB has not been juicing baseballs.

When someone pointed out that there are “like 75 guys on pace or 30+” home runs, Correa responded by writing, “You sure it’s not bc they wake up everyday trying to get better? Hard work in the gym, consistently in the cage, desire to be the best?”

To be fair, Correa probably doesn’t want anyone thinking that his production is somehow tainted by juiced balls. So, it’s easy to understand why he’d be a bit prickly on the topic.